How do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, contact your student and/or the parent/billpayer and let them know as soon as possible for their convenience.

You’ll be able to cancel or reschedule the booking in your dashboard. Go to your upcoming bookings, click the three dots and select either Reschedule booking or Cancel booking.

Rescheduling a lesson

If you choose to reschedule, you’ll be prompted to suggest an alternative lesson slot and write a message to your client.

When you ask to reschedule, your client will be sent a reschedule request. They have to accept this reschedule request for the lesson to be booked. If they decline the request, or they ignore it, the original booking will still stand.

You can keep track of your reschedule request in your messages, or in your Pending bookings.

Cancelling a lesson

If you choose to cancel, a different pop up will appear where you can write a message to explain why you’re cancelling.

Please note: If you repeatedly cancel lessons with short notice, it may negatively affect your ranking in the search results.