What happens if my student cancels our lesson?

PMT Education’s cancellation policy allows clients to cancel their lesson up to 48 hours before the lesson starts without being charged. If a client cancels within 48 hours, you have the option to charge.

If a student or their billpayer cancels, you will be notified that your lesson is cancelled by email and in your notifications, and it will appear in the cancelled tab of your Bookings.

If a client cancels their lesson within 48 hours, our tutors can decide whether to offer a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund at all. However, you only have 24 hours after the lesson to make this decision. If you don’t take any action, the client will automatically be refunded.

To choose how much to charge, click the ‘Respond’ button next to the cancelled lesson

You’ll then be prompted to choose between charging your client 100%, 50%, or 0% of your rate for the cancelled lesson.

If a client cancels before the 48 hour mark, you will not be able to charge for this lesson, so there won’t be an option to respond. If you expand the cancelled booking using the 3 dots on the right, you’ll be able to see the details of the cancellation along with their message.

How do I decide if I should charge them or not?

Not charging is often the fairer option if the student has to cancel because of something unavoidable, such as illness or a family emergency. 

However, if you don’t feel the reason is genuine, or a recurring pattern of cancellations seems to be forming, you’re welcome to charge. Many hours of prep can go into planning a lesson, and you are entitled to be compensated if the lesson doesn’t go ahead as planned.