Can I leave my tutor reviews?

If you’re a billpayer or a student with a full account, you can leave up to two reviews for your tutor.

A tutor’s feedback appears on their public profile, fully visible to other students and billpayers. Many of them will use these reviews to make an informed decision about whether or not to book a prospective tutor, while a tutor can use them to identify areas where they might need to improve. Therefore, it’s really important that what you write is honest, fair, and constructive.

Reviews come in two stages:

First review

After the first lesson, billpayers or students (with full accounts) will be invited to give your tutor their initial review. After you finish a lesson, you’ll see an orange Leave a review button appear in the classroom. You’ll also be asked to review your tutor via an email.

This button will keep popping up in any future classrooms with your tutor until you leave a review. While you can respond with your very first impressions, we recommend waiting until you’ve had a few lessons first, just to make your assessment fairer.

Second review

After you’ve had more lessons together, you can leave another, final review. Your tutor can ask for this at any time, but tutors typically wait until your time with them is coming to an end. This way, you’ll have the full picture of the progress you’ve made with them. When your tutor requests a review from you, you’ll receive an email inviting you to review.