What happens if my student does not attend/is a no-show?

If your student doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of their scheduled lesson, please email us to let us know they were a no-show. You will still be fully paid for a lesson by default, but reporting a student as a no-show allows us to investigate the issue and ensure the student didn’t run into any issues when trying to attend.

How do I report them as a no show?

If your student hasn’t joined the lesson a few minutes into the start time, send them a message to let them know they have a session and you're waiting for them in the Lessonspace. They will receive an email when you send a message.

After 15 minutes, if your student hasn’t joined the lesson, and nobody has replied to your message, contact us to report your student as a no show.

Do I have to charge my student if they haven’t attended my lesson?

The billpayer will automatically be charged in full as soon as the lesson is scheduled to begin. If you would like to offer them a full or partial refund, please let us know when you contact us regarding the no-show.