How do lessons work?


You’ve done the searching, picked the perfect tutor and booked a lesson. Hurrah, the hard part is over! But now what happens? 

Here at PMT Education, all of our lessons take place on our online whiteboard, which includes video calling software as well as many useful features to support your learning. 

To access the whiteboard for your lesson, go to your classroom at the lesson time, and click the green Start lesson button.

How do I get to my classroom?

As soon as your lesson is booked, a shiny new classroom will be created. Here, you and your tutor can share resources and access the online whiteboard. A new classroom is created every time a lesson is booked, so each classroom is specific to a lesson. 

The easiest way to view your new classroom is through your dashboard. In your upcoming bookings, click the View button next to the lesson to open your classroom.

You can also view your classroom by going to the Bookings tab and clicking View, or by going to the Classroom tab and clicking View.

What does a classroom look like?

Once you’ve found your classroom, you should see the Lesson Plan box and the Resources box. If you have any resources you want to share with your tutor, add them here. Your tutor can also add resources and a lesson plan in the Lesson Plan box.

You’ll be able to see all the details of your upcoming lesson in the left hand panel, including the subject and level, exam board, and the date and time of the lesson.

If you have booked a lesson on behalf of a student (i.e. you’re a parent or guardian), you and your student will both be able to access the classroom. You’ll also be able to access the tutor chat (private with you and the tutor only) or group chat (includes you, the student and the tutor) here.

To find out more about the classroom’s features, see our How Does the Classroom Work FAQ.

How do I get to my lesson from the classroom?

Close to your lesson time, the green Start lesson button will appear in your classroom. You’ll be able to see a countdown until your lesson time. The button will be greyed out and unclickable until 1 minute before your lesson start time.

If the green button hasn’t appeared 10 minutes before your lesson start time, please let your tutor know and email

The Start lesson button will turn bright green 1 minute before your lesson start time, signalling you can join the whiteboard. When you’re ready to start your lesson, just click the button and away you go!

You’ll then be prompted to get your microphone and camera ready before you enter the online whiteboard. Click the Join button to enter the whiteboard, and your lesson with your tutor will begin.

In the whiteboard, you’ll be able to collaborate with your tutor using all of its tools. If you want to find out more about how the whiteboard works, please see our video tutorial.

Once your lesson ends, you’ll be able to watch back your recordings, leave a review for your tutor, and access your feedback. You can find out more about this in our How Does the Classroom Work FAQ.